3 Common Financial Planning Fears and How To Conquer Them

Linda Migliazzo |

If the thought of reviewing your finances with the help of a financial professional strikes more fear into your heart than giving a public speech, you are not alone—two in every three Americans report regularly feeling stressed about their finances.1 It is time to overcome these fears and get your finances back on track. Here are three common financial planning fears and how you may conquer them.

"I don't have enough money to need a financial professional."

One of the most common misconceptions about financial planning is that it is only for the wealthy or ultra-wealthy. This mistaken idea could not be further from the truth—financial professionals may provide guidance and advice to those from all walks of life. Money-saving and investment suggestions may help you progress as if starting with a larger pile of assets. Do not discount the value of a financial professional in providing guidance tailored to your situation.

"I'm upset that I'm not doing better and still financially struggling."

Talking about money or finances is taboo in many circles, so having to sit face-to-face with someone with access to some of your most sensitive financial information may be intimidating. You may be shying away from the thought of professional financial planning because you are uncomfortable exposing your income, assets and debts to a stranger.

Knowing that a good financial professional does not judge you is helpful. Instead, it is the financial professional's job to help you work towards improving your finances and give you the tools you need to guide financial issues—and this does not happen by breaking you down or shaming you about your mistakes. What is comforting, the information you share with your financial professional should remain completely confidential.

"A financial professional seems too expensive."

The services offered by financial professionals are highly flexible and customizable. Where one person may want detailed advice on managing their business income taxes over the next few years, another may want a retirement readiness checkup or some advice on managing their college contribution liability on the FAFSA. The cost of a financial professional's services depends on the effort required for your needs and goals, and there are many affordable options. Plan your budget to cover the cost of the professional help you may need.


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