The sophistication of Wall Street Investing. Midwestern values.

We work in a technical industry that requires analytical and strategic thinking. Your wealth management strategy must be able to withstand today’s economic environment and tomorrow’s too! That doesn’t simply happen by accident. It happens because the professionals at Personal Financial Group are dedicated stewards of your success. It’s a task we do not take lightly. 

We provide academically sound financial planning, rooted in the experience of seasoned and personable financial planners. Our aim is to effectively guide the management of our clients’ wealth and wealth distribution.  

While we manage your assets with the precision of Wall Street fund managers, we make certain that our Midwestern values are kept close. 


It’s a valuable gift bestowed upon us by you that is to be treasured and protected. It takes years to build it and one moment of poor judgment to lose it. We’ve spent our entire careers building a foundation of trust that our clients have come to rely upon. We are always, always motivated by our clients’ best interests. We listen to your needs and provide thoughtful, personalized guidance, honored by the trust placed in us.


In many aspects of life, money and wealth can seem like the most impersonal thing that we discuss with one another. That’s only because we often talk about money in the wrong manner. We want to know - we care - about what money truly means to you. We care about what you’ll be able to do with your money and how accurately your financial goals align with your reality. Our team and our clients are like family. We will treat you as such, customizing a plan for your needs.


We are always available, whether meeting to discuss a major life decision or emailing a quick question. Expect to speak with someone familiar who knows who you are and who is excited to lend a hand.

Wondering if you’re working with the right advisor? Ask yourself these questions… 

Does Your Advisor Offer The Following Services?

  • Is your Representative a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional?
  • Are they a fiduciary? Are they registered to Give Advice?
  • Can they assist with Tax Planning?
  • Can they assist with Estate Planning?
  • Are they willing to work WITH your other Advisors, such as your CPA and Estate Planning Attorney?
  • Do they or their firm provide SIPC Insurance Protection on accounts opened?
  • Is your current Advisor registered to offer Various Securities, Life Insurance, Annuities and other Investment Products through an Independent Broker/Dealer?

For more information on any of the above questions, contact Personal Financial Group for a complimentary consultation. We are happy to help you explore your options.

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