Our focus is on you. You’ve probably heard that before, but for us, it’s personal.

You’ll feel it when you pick up the phone to call us and you’ll feel it when you pay us a visit. We’re client-centric thinkers. To that end, we think you should know what we value most.




 It’s about presence. It’s about putting the people around us at ease, like a comforting old friend who is welcoming and understanding and ready to lend an ear. An authentic person’s behavior, in terms of ethics and morals, is as predictable as the changing of seasons. It’s a promise that you’ll be treated with dignity and that we’ll be forthcoming with you. 


Professionalism, and integrity are paramount to our core mission of providing professional, independent advice. If we don’t know the answer, we will tell you, then we will find the answer. If there is a conflict of interest, you will be informed. When we engage in professional arrangements with you, it’s vital that the foundation of our relationship be based on mutual trust and respect.




As advisors and personnel who comprise Personal Financial Group, we face the same challenges in life that you do. We all have goals and dreams. We all have life throw us a curveball or two. We want you to know that you can call us anytime and talk to us about anything that is on your mind. Our door is open and so are our minds.


We listen to your needs and provide thoughtful, personalized guidance, founded on transparency and trust. As a client, when you are in-the-know, you are in control. We want our clients to feel in control throughout their financial lives, and so, we are an open book. Ask us anything.



What does it all mean? 

It means that while many firms have quotas to meet, products to sell, and commissions to earn, we’re thinking about how we can make a significant positive impact on your life and your loved ones regardless of your current financial standing. It means that when we make a suggestion for an investment vehicle or for income protection, it’s been suggested because it’s the right fit for you. Not for us. 

Whether it’s your first day working with us, the fifth year, or the third decade, we put you first. That’s a promise.

Get Started.