Independence Powered by LPL Financial

 Personal Financial Group is powered by LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer.*

The firm provides a comprehensive array of tools and resources to independent financial advisors, enabling them to provide objective financial guidance to their clients. LPL Financial has no proprietary products.

*As reported in Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2020, based on total revenue.

Independence has its benefits


Serve your clients’ best interests without proprietary products or secondary agendas.

Independence provides the freedom to develop needs-based client relationships which can result in more satisfying outcomes for you and your clients

  • Increased potential to meet client goals and objectives
  • Higher client retention rates
  • Increased client referrals
  • Improved client service

Boost your income potential

Choose the products, services and payout structure that best support your revenue goals and client needs

  1. Generate and keep more revenue
  2. Gain flexibility in pursuing the opportunities you choose

Control expenses and Increase your profitability

As an independent, you have the power to make decisions about your expenses at a local level, rather than relying on mandates passed down from a distant home office, leaving you more control over your earnings

  • Develop your own business expense policies and budgets
  • Better understand and track expenses and return on investment
  • Position yourself to earn more take-home pay

Choose your business model

Structure and grow your practice on your terms

  • Develop a business strategy that works for the way you do business
  • Choose to provide fee- or commission-based services
  • Focus on a specialized or niche market
  • Select the business structure that best meets your needs: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation

Enhance your quality of life

Structure work to complement, not consume your life

  • Design your own office environment
  • Hand-pick your staff
  • Create balance between your professional and personal responsibilities

Build equity in your own business

Independence allows you to lay the foundation for a successful future

  • Own your book of business
  • Choose to sell your book of business if and when the time is right for you
  • Build valuable business assets — for example, instead of leasing your office, you can purchase it as an investment